No one knows everything, but everyone knows something no one else knows – including you!  Welcome to The Other Side of Things – I am your host Dr. Michael DeMaria and for 35 years I’ve been a guide of the soul. On The Other Side of Things we explore alternative perspectives on challenging topics ranging from love, sex, death, and madness, to dreamwork, breathwork, and other cutting edge healing modalities. We live on a precipice as a species, so lets jump in.

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The Other Side of Things Ep 02 - "A Fight to Be" with Dr. Ron Bassman

00:00 Intro06:04 How we met and how he finally published his book07:30 Madness and Alternative states of reality11:00 Mad in America and Others Stories13:04 A Fight To...

The Other Side of Things - Introduction - Episode 1

Happy Halloween and welcome to my new podcast! I will still be doing my other podcast: Musitations™: Exploring Music, Meditation, Creativity and Wisdom, however, this ...

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